Karate Kids

Great shoot with these amazing "Karate Kids". They were very patient and disciplined. Big shout out to my assistant Allison for keeping the sun to a minimum and working the light like a PRO!!! I see a "bright" future ahead for you (pun intended). — at Petrovitsky Park.

Sun was blazing hot that day, and almost no shade to be found anywhere. Needed to find of Shade desperately.  I did find a bit of shade under a few trees, but still needed to use a reflector/diffuser to black out the sun peaking through.  Added a off camera flash for some fill light.

I would say for the situation and time of day the pictures came out amazing.  Plus the kids were great took direction well and they really seemed to have a good time and after seeing some of the pictures on the view finder they really started to get into it.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.585261951580160.1073741831.339637956142562&type=1