Snap, Crackle and make it Pop

So the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline just as I normally do seeing post after post and picture after picture. I thought to myself you know there are some really cool locations and amazing moments that people capture, but they were taken with their phone.  Now don't get me wrong this isn't a rant from a photographer chastising people for using their phones and Instagram filters to capture photos. This is about taking the photo you made, whether you used a DSLR, Point and Shoot or your camera phone and taking a bit of time to really make it shine.  I think we have all fallen into the trap of wanting to share it immediately and not caring about what it really looks like.  Trust me I do this myself and I understand, you are exited and you want people to feel the moment, but don't you think that if you just put in a bit more effort and did a little extra editing they would really feel what you felt when you were there? All of our cameras capture great pictures these days, they are pretty much fool proof, but does that mean you should be like every other fool?  Below I took a photo that I captured a while back with my iPhone 4s, yes thats right I said 4s (don't laugh to hard) and spent about 15 min editing it.  I won't say this is the worlds best photo, but I enjoyed the scene and it gave me a chance to show exactly what I am talking about.  If you look at the before and after you will see what I am talking about.  I brought out the colors, added clarity did a bit of dodging and burning and then to finish it off, removed some of the distracting elements like shadows, poles, trash cans and fire hydrant. Again this is just to give you an idea of what can be done even with a photo taken with a iPhone 4s. There are plenty of free photo editing applications out there, such as Picasa or even GIMP to name a couple. Again I am not trying to be preachy here, this is just something to think about the next time you take that long hike to the top of the mountain, to a waterfall, or Hawaiian vacation.  Just pick out a few of your favorites and add a little something extra to it and make it pop.

Photo taken at Olson Mansion in Maple Valley with iPhone 4s using panorama

The Most Insane New Selfie Stick! Get Epic Photos

So this selfie stick craze has gotten a bit out of hand.  We are seeing them everywhere. It is getting so bad that they are being banned from public places, like restaurants, concerts, game stadiums and even amusement parks. On top of that they are extremely deadly.  People are actually dying taking selfies, with and without a selfie stick. Selfie deaths have actually outnumbered shark attack deaths.

Selfies have always been a thing, going as far back as self-portrait paintings, with or without second ear. Eventually leading into photographs, remember taking your first selfie with a Polaroid?  I sure do. But when did the world become so obsessed with taking selfies? I mean people take them everywhere, in the strangest places, like the bathroom, bedroom, and while out with family eating dinner. There is no place that is protected from the "Selfers", yeah I made that word up just now.

So I guess it was just a matter of time that new techniques and gadgets came along to help out with that oh so important shot of you in the bathroom of Macy's. That's what makes this latest gadget dubbed the HSS so amazing.  

You are probably saying to yourself "what could be more amazing than the selfie stick spoon" even more amazing than the Belfie Stick (look it up).  Well sit back hold on to your chair because this will absolutely blow your mind. If you aren't sitting down and holding on to something, I am not responsible for any injuries incurred while reading this and walking.  

Also, if you have any hard or heavy objects in your hand please put it down; I do not want to hear about any heads injuries because you will slap your head after hearing about this crazy new Selfie stick.  So what is it you ask?  

Well first let’s talk about how this idea even came to be. I was sitting at my computer one day and kept reading all these articles about people being hurt and dying from taking selfies, selfie sticks being banned, Russia launching a selfie guide and thought there has to be a better and safer way.  

I racked my brain for hours, days, weeks (okay maybe not weeks) and then like being hit by a 1984 Toyota, it came to me, "oh what a feeling".  I came up with the concept for the HSS, also known as the Hired Selfie Stick or Human selfie stick. I kinda borrowed from the idea of when people in the distant past would actually hire what they called "photographers" to take pictures of them.  

I know right! What the hell were people thinking, they must have been nuts to hire someone to take high quality professional photographs. It's such an insane concept, that's exactly why designed the HSS, you have to be a little bit crazy to be innovative.

I mean think of the guy in the meeting who had to explain launching unhappy birds into bricks with pigs on them. Right! Now you are with me aren't you? I have 100% faith that this will spread like wild fire. Once people see how amazing their selfies look using the HSS they will never turn back! This is such an amazing product that I am not even trademarking or copyrighting this.

 I want to share it with the world. It is pretty easy to get yours, just go to your search engine of choice and search for your local HSS, the best way to do this is to type in your city+photographer in the field . Even better would be your city+Portrait+photographer.

I have already worked with all the top search engines to make the HSS available in your market. Just be aware that there are many different levels of the HSS, so please do your proper research and make sure you find the HSS that is best for you.  

Please remember only YOU can prevent selfie deaths.